Construyendo Corazones

Construyendo Corazones reaches children through Bible classes, in the Public Elementary School of the community called La Libertad. Also, nearly 100 children gather every other week for Bible Club in the village El Rejón, near Sumpango. There they… Read More

Creciendo Juntos

Creciendo Juntos is a health ministry based in Sumpango, a Mayan village with a population of more than 30,000 and limited economic recourses to provide the most basic needs. Dr. Oscar Paredes ministers through workshops, medical and dental clinics,… Read More

Harvest Bible University

Harvest Bible University of Guatemala is an extension of Harvest Bible University in Los Angeles. Harvest helps Christians get the education they need by making Christian education affordable, available locally, achievable for people of all ethnic and socioeconomic… Read More

Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities works with local leaders, churches, schools, servant teams, and other organizations to identify the long-term needs of each community. Our goal is to improve the quality of community life through water filters, fuel efficient stoves and… Read More

Nueva Generación

Nueva Generación aims to introduce young people to the truth of Jesus Christ and how He can bring purpose and hope to their lives. Luis Carlos Castillo and Chad Bader serve in the ministry by conducting classes in… Read More