Servant Teams

While Mission Impact is making a difference in the lives of Guatemalan children and adults, MI Servant Teams gives you the opportunity to participate in what God is doing in Guatemala! Help us build, teach, serve, heal . . . the opportunities are endless!

  • Construction: adding on to already existing facilities i.e. schools, churches, homes or constructing new facilities i.e. hospitals, schools, children’s homes, feeding centers, etc. in one of the rural communities in which MI ministers.
  • Medical/Dental Services: forming your own medical/dental team to minister in rural villages along side a Guatemalan physician through the local church.
  • Teaching & Training: bringing a teaching team to minister in one of the local churches or schools, providing training to pastors, women, youth, and children i.e. VBS
  • Appropriate Technology: working with local families in rural communities to build fuel-efficient stoves to reduce the amount of smoke in the home and the related respiratory sickness; and building cisterns to collect rain water to provide more water to improve health and hygiene.
  • Service Projects: pouring cement floors for poor families, serving the staff of the schools, churches, and ministries that MI partners with i.e. construction, painting, cleaning etc.
  • Christian Education: partnering with the administrative and teaching staff in one of the schools that MI currently supports.

Our goal at MI is to use your practical skills and gifts in service to the Guatemalan people, while casting vision and facilitating growth in you as a Servant Team participant! For more information or to schedule your Servant Team, email