The Appropriate Technology ministry uses the simplest and most effective means available to bring development to an area that does not have access to clean water. The ministry alsoAppropriate Technology focuses on building fuel efficient, wood-burning stoves. These projects provide unique opportunities to share firsthand the Gospel and God’s love with families. Margarito Vásquez ministers in Santa María de Jesús, a Mayan village of more than 25,000 inhabitants and the villages of Alotenango, San Vicente Pacaya and San Pedro El Cerro.

construyendo_corazonesConstruyendo Corazones reaches children through Bible classes, in the Public Elementary School of the community called La Libertad. Also, nearly 100 children gather every other week for Bible Club in the village El Rejón, near Sumpango. There they can play, pray and learn about the Bible and God. Core values and christian principles are taught to junior high students in the town of Magdalena. German Velásquez also supports other MI Ministry sites such as the water filters and fuel-efficient stoves project with Healthy Communities. Our Mission Impact staff serving Construyendo Corazones is German Velásquez and Kara Baker.


cre_juntosCreciendo Juntos is a health ministry based in Sumpango, a Mayan village with a population of more than 30,000 and limited economic recourses to provide the most basic needs. Dr. Oscar Paredes ministers through workshops, medical and dental clinics, and public health education. We are looking to acquire a piece of land for the new hospital project, near Sumpango. Creciendo Juntos is increasing the awareness of positive life choices.

Harvest Bible University of Guatemala is an extension of Harvest Bible University in Los Angeles. Harvest helps Christians get the education they need by making Christian educationMI Logo affordable, available locally, achievable for people of all ethnic and socioeconomic groups, and practical for ministry and Christian life. Classes are currently planned for our central campus in Guatemala City and in Ixcán, Quiché, led by Selvin and Laurie Maaz Luther.


Healthy Communities works with local leaders, churches, schools, servant teams, and other organizations to identify the long-term needs of each community. Our goal is to improve the quality of community life through water filters, fuel efficient stoves and education.

Needs n response  We use 4 key principles of Christian community development:

Church based: Each of our projects and programs is led by local leaders from the church. We want to support the local church to be better equipped to serve their own community.

Empowerment: We strive to do things with people, not for people. Families have to be involved in each step of the program.

Relocation: We train and work with local technicians who live in the communities.

Reconciliation: between neighbors, between people and God, between communities and the environment and between catholic and evangelical churches.

Our staff members are Gerber and Michelle Pérez.



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