Why Sponsor a Child?

Sowing Hope Child Sponsorship is an incredibly powerful way to help one poor child break the bonds of poverty, giving the chance to change the direction and future of this child living in Guatemala. It connects you with an individual child who needs your help, and lets you provide life-changing benefits to that child for a low monthly contribution. With your help you will be creating opportunities for a brighter future and new hope in Jesus Christ. You will be partnering with a Guatemalan family to provide quality education for their child, a gift that many parents were never given.

Mission Impact’s sponsored students attend one of our two partner schools. Próximos Pasos is an all girls school located in the Mayan community of Santa María de Jesús and offers elementary grades through junior-high grades. Vida & Esperanza is a co-ed school located in Santa Lucía Milpas Altas with grades Pre-K through 12th grade.  for-sowing-hope

Our students receive a holistic education based on biblical values with regular devotional times and Christian education classes. Students also receive classes in cooking, wood and metal shop, sewing, music, English, CNC-Robotics, graphic design and gardening and hydroponics.

 New studies are showing that child sponsorship programs like Mission Impact’s Sowing Hope has lasting impacts on the sponsored children, as well as their siblings, parents, and community. Sponsorship provides a face to those wishing to join the fight to alleviate world poverty, and these studies show that it is paying off.

Making the Case for Sponsorship

A recent published study found that child sponsorship resulted in a significantly greater probability of the following outcomes in a sponsored child’s adult life:

Additional years in schoolSecondary school graduation
Spillover effects on younger siblingsImproved living conditions
Increase in monthly incomeGender equality in education
Remittances sent home to familyReduced early-age marriage
Reduced early-age pregnancyCommunity leadership

The study also concluded that students who were sponsored tended to have higher self-expectations and higher goals for future vocations than those who were not sponsored. Sponsored children often come from homes with little role-modeling of white-collar work, so sponsorship staff and teachers frequently become role models to children, explaining why under certain programs, sponsored children are more than double as likely to become teachers themselves.


If you are not currently sponsoring a child through our Sowing Hope Child Sponsorship Program and would like to start sponsoring a child, please start sponsoring a child! or you can email us at sponsorship@missionimpact.com or call our toll-free number at 800-392-5020.