We are fuel efficient!

Meeting1Meeting5This past Tuesday with the help of the Mission Impact main office, the different ministry sites working with fuel efficient stoves (Healthy Communities, Vida & Esperanza School, Hechos 2:8 [Acts 2:8], Construyendo Corazones [Building Hearts] and,  Appropriate Technology) got together at the A.T.  workshop in Santa Maria de Jesus to share their chanllenges, standardize criteria on models of stoves, discuss new objectives for 2016 and spend time with the Lord as they make new plans.

Knowing that each leader, from each ministry site, works very hard and has little time to spare in their day, it was rewarding to see them to come participate in the event.

After all the hard work, they had a small celebration to keep in mind that it is only God who makes this possible and allows our works to bear fruit.



You can be also part of this team. Click here to find out more.

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