News from Próximos Pasos


This past Tuesday with the help of the Seacoast Church team, Próximos Pasos School honored the mothers of their students by inviting them to a special afternoon for a devotional, lunch, art activity, and a special talk about the biblical importance of family. The team also washed and massaged the women’s hands, often praying for each one. Knowing that these women work very hard and have little time for relaxing and socializing in their day, it was rewarding to see more than eighty mothers come participate in the event.

The very next day, the school held a huge celebration for their students with summer birthdays. Traditionally, many of these girls do not have their birthdays celebrated at home. Most of them didn’t stop smiling all afternoon as they joined in animal charades and balloon tag, making marshmallow ballerinas and foam crafts, a photo booth, eating cake, and other activities that made this day special with their teachers and the Seacoast team.

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