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 Christmas in July!!!


We’re celebrating Christmas in July at Mission Impact and we need your help to make this season sparkle.

Did you know Mission Impact has nine dynamic, nationally lead, long-term ministry outreach sites throughout Guatemala?

We focus on education, health, nutrition, community development, appropriate technology, pastoral training, and spiritual formation through making disciples.
Throughout the year, we have many needs at our various ministries and we are asking if you would prayerfully consider partnering with us to help make these needs a reality.

25 Sponsorships!
Sowing Hope
It is our goal to have 25 new child sponsorships during the month of July. Our sponsoredSowing-Hope
students attend one of our partner schools, Proximos Pasos and Vida y Esperanza. Each
student receives a holistic education based on biblical values with regular devotional times and
Christian education classes. Students also receive classes in cooking, wood and metal shop,
sewing, music, English, CNC-Robotics and gardening and hydroponics.
Cost: $38 per month


25 Computers!Computers
Vida y Esperanza and Proximos Pasos
The new technology center at Vida y Esperanza is in need of new computers and additional
computers are needed at Proximos Pasos. It is our desire to equip the students with skills in
computer technology to further opportunities after school.
Cost per computer: $450



25 $100 Donations!Margarito-moldes
Appropriate Technology and Healthy Communities
The Appropriate Technology and Healthy Communities ministries continue to grow as they serve
the people of Ixcan, Santa Maria de Jesus, Alotenango, San Vicente Pacaya and San Pedro El
Cerro. To improve the efficiency and quality of the fuel efficient stoves, they are in need of a
metal hydraulic press.
Cost: $2,500 or 25 gifts of $100



25 Solar Panels!Panel
Proximos Pasos
Did you know the annual cost of electricity at Proximos Pasos is equivalent to one teacher’s
salary? By making the investment in solar power now, more financial resources will be made
available to the students in the future.
Cost per panel: $350



25 Scholarships!Graduacion-Harvest
Harvest Bible University and Nueva Generación
Continuing education and training for our pastoral staff and youth staff are essential. You can
help send 25 people to a pastoral and youth retreat – a time of fellowship, worship and the
Cost: $75 each





Click Here to support one or more of the above needs.
All of at Mission Impact would like to thank you for your continued support and prayers.


He who has a generous eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor.
Proverbs 22:9